Lisa Pearce

Certified Hypnotherapist

Quantum Language Dynamics Practioner

Hypnobirth Facilitator



I have been practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy for 15 years.  The first 11 years of my practice involved helping people overcome a variety of obstacles including weight loss, smoking cessastion, allergy removal, self confidence, sports performance, depression and many others.  (All of which, you can find at www.goldmindhypnosis.com)  When I got pregnant with my first child I recognized the lack of support from peers, family and strangers with regards to my desire to have a positive birth experience.  It was from there that I realized a deep conditioning in many women to fear the process of giving birth.  My background in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Quantumn Language Dynamics enabled me to create a process by which I could nourish my natural abilities and utilize the power of my mind to bring about the outcome I desired. 


The results were just as wonderful as I had trained myself to imagine!  Both of my boys were born with ease in the comfort of my own bed with no complications or interventions.


My positive experiences motivated me to share what I've learned and the processes I used so that more women can experience the true joy of birthing their own babies.

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