Hypnotherapy Practices

Train your mind to manage pain, release fear and accept your body's innate ability to give birth.  Create a state of mind that induces excitement around labour and delivery and plant the seeds of peace and positivity with regards to bringing your baby into the world.



Post Baby Hypnosis

Many women become so focused on creating the space for a happy, healthy labour and delivery that they forget to prepare for the intense changes in lifestyle their baby will bring after being born.  Goldmind's "Peacemama" series is designed to help new moms cope with the miriad of challenges that arise such as sleep deprivation,  lack of patience and feelings of not being in control.  Relationships with spouses are also put to the test after a baby is born which is why an entire practice has been created to help couples strengthen their relationships during this time.


Release the baby weight

Lets face it, going to the gym and eating healthily are not in the forefront of a new moms life but many of us struggle with the desire to return to our pre-pregnancy forms in a timely manner.  This practice helps reinforce the unconscious desires of your body to be healthy not just for you but also for your baby.  "Fit Mama" helps invigorate your body's nutritional needs by allowing your mind to connect to those needs and present them as desires in your mind.  This practice will help you create an unconscious desire for healthy foods and activity.


Increase Milk Production

How is this possible you ask?  It's simple.  Your unconscious mind is directly connected to every cell of your body.  Just as it automatically knows what is needed to begin healing a broken bone, scrape or bruise, so to does your mind have the ability to send a message to your milk ducts to increase production!  Many women struggle with breastfeeding because we live in a society that has slowly been phasing the process out.  Let this practice remind your body of what is needed and help to encourage the production of milk for your child.


Baby Belly Reiki

As a Level II Reiki Practioner, I used what I learned often on my baby bump.  Not only does this instructional practice teach you the basics of Reiki but it also provides you with another way to connect to your unborn child.  By placing your hands on your belly and utilizing these practices, you will experience another level of peaceful connection with your child and also include him or her in your plans for a positive birth experience.




"I never understood why it was considered unsafe to have an Advil whilst pregnant but an epidural was okay.  I knew I wanted to try having my baby the way nature intended but I was afraid and unsure that I could do it.  With the use of these processes and others like it, I developed an amazing confidence in myself.  It was like something inside my brain clicked and all of a sudden I just knew I could do it.  When it came time for my baby to arrive, I never once doubted myself.  It was the most exhilarating experience of my life!  Thank you Goldmind Hypnobirth for helping me reclaim what it means to be an empowered Mama!"

"Did I feel pain?  Hell yes!  But it was never too much for me to handle.  My water broke at 7:45pm and my beautiful baby was born at 11:45pm.  I was in the zone the entire time and my mind was laser focused on letting my body and baby work together.  No tearing, no complications and no hospital!! Thank you GoldMind Hypnobirth!!!!!!"

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