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Album: Goldmind Hypobirth  $29.99

These practices incorporate all of the elements required to prepare you for a positive birth experience.  Allow these processes to guide you through a relaxing journey whereby you will begin to create the space in your mind for bringing your baby into the world.  Topics include pain management, your ideal birth scenario, trust in your body, peaceful thoughts about giving birth, preparing for the unexpected and confidence in your body's abilities.

Track 1: Chakra Hypnobirth  $19.99

This process incorporates the 7 energy Chakras to prepare your mind and body for a positive birth.  By activating the 7 Chakras, a call to action is raised within your mind and body to utilize all of the physical and mental tools you have available to you.  This is a full spectrum practice that touches upon all areas of labour and delivery.  It's perfect for those experiencing Hypnosis for the first time or the hundredth.

Track 2: Your Perfect Birth $19.99

This practice brings you to the next level in your journey for a positive birth experience.  An emphasis is placed on improving your connection to the natural world and remembering that your body has all the tools and resources it needs to bring your baby to the world in a safe and peaceful way.

Track 3: Peace Mama  $19.99

This practice is for after the baby is born and you are settling in to your new lives together.  It fosters a sense of patience and allows you to easily transition to your new responsibilities as a mother.  Whether it's managing stress, improving communication with your partner or just revitalizing your mind and body, listening to this will help you become more calm and help you handle whatever challenges may arise.

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